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Writing goals on track!

Okay, today I've finished off my review for Silence: The Musical at the Above the Stag theater and also the "My Life in 100 Words" competition that the Soho Theatre is running in conjunction with the Bette Bourne show they're doing. I don't think that Alan Cumming (or even Nick Garrison) will perform "my life," or that it's really even artistically written, but I've made a stab at it based on several rough drafts I've written in the chemical connections of my brain while falling asleep. This means the only thing left is my brilliant review of Rake's Progress, which, I suspect, will have to wait until tomorrow.

Had a girlie day in with J and L today: we gossiped, drank Madeira, and ate a baked-from-scratch Devil's Food cake I whipped up after they arrived. I have a freshly dyed forelock. Despite the gloom and doom of the "my life" I sent off to the Soho Theater, I'm feeling rather chipper. Time for dinner now!

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