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Dogbert dance

I found a bug today that was so cool I threw my hands overhead in the touchdown position and went "Woo hoo!" I believe that means I am a geek.

There is a possibility that I will be sent out on a job interview at Washinton Mutual (for a contract position, six months). That would be SO COOL!

They are talking about having us come in this weekend. But I don't want to work Saturday! It's Chinese New Years! (But of course that would only be an hour or so of entertainment, and I wouldn't want to pay to go see it.)

I'm hoping to go to karaoke tonight. Fortunately I got some good sleep so I can probably stand staying up. Friday is the Erotic Art Show and Ascension, then Saturday is the ballet. It's going to be a busy weekend! Also, since it's the end of the month, I want to see about getting a group of people together to go to the Asian Art Museum next Thursday for First Thursday so we can see the Hello Kitty exhibit. It looks cool!

My story made it into the current issue of Tablet, but it's not online! How can I fix that?
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