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The doctor is happy today. Disconnect review.

I went to the doctor to get a prescription refilled today, and LO! My blood pressure was at 120/80. Seriously, I think maybe she wasn't getting a good reading, but I've barely managed to get the low number under 90 for the last three years, so this is good. I'll have to stop back in for a checkup in a month or so and see if it's holding. Still, the fact that I was up at 5 AM with my brain going ticka-tick and me unable to sleep means all is not well in the cowgirl brain, but thanks to the doctor's appointment, when I did finally get back to sleep I was able to keep snoozing on until a good hour past my normal time.

Also, last night J and I got together to see Disconnect at the Royal Court (my review here). I enjoyed seeing the lives of call center flunkies depicted on stage, but for some reason I felt like Annex could have done it with more pizazz. Ah, well, it was only 90 minutes long and £15, so a good deal overall.

While my paid gig is floundering horribly (I'm guessing maybe they don't entirely have their act together), I am now an editor (ooh baby) at a new reviews consolidator site called Up The West End, which is being run by the fellow I call Andrew Whinger of the West End Whingers. If you like theater, it's worth a poke.
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