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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

A very strange dream

I dreamed I'd been living with J in Phoenix, working a good job, and he'd managed to get some kind of job that he liked that was fulfilling, doing training or something like that.

And then he got an offer to get a PhD at the university of Wisconsin. So we moved there, and I was having to find college housing, trying to share space in a one bedroom apartment with a bunch of 18 year olds who hadn't learned to hold their liquor much less keep regular sleeping hours. And my stuff hadn't shown up yet. And I was being dunned for library fines for something back in 1992.

Then I got a phone call from Seattle, and BANG there was the job I'd been looking for all my life, really exciting and challenging and working with people I liked. And I went there right away, and sat drinking tea around the table with the people who would be my colleagues, and they were all glad to see me (and there was some chocolate cake). Somehow this was J's job I'd been offered, but he wanted to get his PhD, and I didn't want to go back to looking for work I didn't like and living somewhere I hated. I was so excited because I could just move back into my house in Seattle and have friends and family there and I wasn't going to feel isolated.

But J wasn't going to be there. And if he moved to Seattle, I was going to have stolen his job from him. But if I stayed in Wisconsin, I was going to have nothing.

"Oh well," I told myself,"It's not like he wanted this job. I had a job I loved and I quit it. Those two years (for the PhD) will fly by like nothing."

And I realized as I drove off with my new colleagues that I'd managed to arrive before the Fourth of July, and I was going to get to see the fireworks, and everything was going to be perfect.

No idea what this dream means, as I feel I have the job I love. It does seem to some bit like I miss having a nice house to live in.
Tags: dreams, seattle

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