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Supergirl. Superbusy.

OOOH yesterday was quite a day. I was scheduled to train/lecture my team for four hours in the afternoon and, despite spending two or three hours prepping for it on Sunday (and another two hours on Friday), I was still galloping to meet my 1 PM start time. Part of this was because of my home computer saving my presentation in PPTX instead of PPT (our computers are locked down so tight here we can't even download the viewer - why the hell doesn't MS build in backward compatibility for their own products?), then I realized about twenty minutes beforehand that I needed to create a quick presentation on the projects coming up in the next (fiscal) year. EEP.

Anyway, 3 1/2 hours in, I was exhausted, and we'd had such a long discussion on one topic that I'd decided to cut out the final (40) minute presentation and save it for the next time (in 2 months). But instead of leaving early, I wound up having an impromptu one to one with someone (who works for me) that I don't get to see in person much. SO TIRED.

I'm still exhausted today. And what do I have in my email? Two more requests to speak at OTHER teams meetings. So I ask myself - is this a reward or a punishment?

At any rate, I'm off to the gym.
Tags: il postino, work

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