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Ozu, Flamenco, and the end of Mehbruary

In my calendar of events, July and August are Russian ballet, and February is Flamenco. My last review of the Flamenco festival, the Gala Flamenca last night, is up now, but I'm thinking of doing a recap of the highlights. I only missed one show and, retrospectively, I enjoyed it so much I should have slipped in the other one. Next year I'll do them all!

It's often turned out that the darks of winter are also when I will hit a movie festival. In Seattle, this was facilitated by excellent programming at the Grand Illusion and the Northwest Film Forum. Here, the BFI provides more than I can take in, and on a monthly basis. I dipped heavily into its Guy Maddin retrospective; and the last two months I crammed in all of the Ozu I could managed. This afternoon is my last movie, Green Tea Over Rice. I'll write about the series as a whole sometime tomorrow - and I should probably slide my one play review for this week to Up The West End, as it's always nice to have a friend patting me on the back for helping them make their fun project a success.

Tonight, party and friends; tomorrow, games and my place and at least one friend. Now, get off of couch and go find one of the cute Alice in Wonderland shirts they're peddling at Miss Selfridges before they sell out.
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