Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

And the last day of Mehbruary, it shall be known as Failsday

Oh, today. Bah and bah and bah.

I was trying to cheer myself up by having people over for games, but my 3rd cancelled.

So I thought, well, no reason not to cook the food I'd bought for the three of us, and started in on it, and then happened to check and see if "Where The Wild Things Were" was on somewhere, and it was! We rushed out the door to hit the 1:20 show ...

and when we got there discovered the times had been printed incorrectly on the website I was looking at. It wasn't showing today, it was M-Th, not Th-M.

So well, it was lunch time, and off we went to Chuen Cheng Ku, just up the street, and had a fabulous "bringing around the carts" dim sum. I'm totally thinking of having the 3rd annual Geminis Birthday Bash there, if Wechsler and Meg actually want to be a part of something like that.Now that's what I call Dim Sum #fb on Twitpic

Then we walked to the National Gallery to see the Kienholz "Hoerengracht" exhibit. Only ... it was over. It's last day was the weekend before. He's my favorite modern sculptor and I totally failed to see his exhibit even though it was free and had been there for months. What have I been doing for the last three months that I missed it every single day? Oh, yeah, I remember, rather a lot of this time I've been laying around the house in this kind of paralyzing depression.

Anyway, I'm back home. This day didn't go so well. I am probably going to spend most of the evening writing and reading and doing things like that, and maybe even putting away my laundry, and eventually I'll dig into the overly huge pot of food that's sitting in the crockpot and eat some of it.

And Leonard Cohen. All of these people I know like Leonard Cohen. I have this page I've been going back to occasionally to play the songs off of it to see if I get it. So I'm not the last of my friends to discover Leonard Cohen; he's still just not clicking for me. No idea why.

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