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Seattle Saturday - Crave breakfast, trip downtown

We started the morning late (the first night I've managed to stay sleeping in the bed all night this week) and went to breakfast at Crave, which had apparently just started brunch service this very day. It was good - I'll write about it later on seattle_dining - but it took them about 25 minutes to get us out the door once we were ready to leave, including some 15 minutes spent standing in front of the cash register. Grrr.

Afterwards, shadowdaddy dropped me off at the library, where I started to feel like a real person (one who isn't completely boring) again as I looked for songs to perform at Julia's. "What Lola Wants" (from Damn Yankees) and "I Enjoy Being a Girl" (from Flower Drum Song) were found, "Only the Lonely" by the Motels was not but was special ordered from the Bellingham library. I also scored with the latest by Kage Barker and several books by Patricia McKillip and Robin McKinley that were in the young adult ghetto.

The saga of the afternoon continued as I went to the Bon Marche to see if I could tease any nice clothes out of the clearance racks (possibly including some cashmere pants). Once again, I was reminded painfully of the shoddy workmanship of most clothing made today, and was thus not so heartbroken that the voluptuous silk and burnt velvet skirts and tops I was particularly lusting after (Ishyu - doubtlessly another flash in the cheap clothing pan) didn't look good on me (but gosh they were nice to touch). Freshly reminded of what cuts look good on me, I made fast work of the formalwear racks and got a nice full-length black gown upstairs - not as gothy as I wanted but very good for me. I figure I'll wear it to the opera next Saturday and then just occasionally, but enough to get my money's worth out of it.
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