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Monday Monday. Presenting. Exercise.

I have a presentation at 1. I also have an (obligatory) class on how to give presentations on Wednesday. Part of the prep work is taking an online class on how to give presentations - only I'm too busy prepping for an actual presentation to do that. Ah, the irony. Since when is so much of my work "presenting?" I mean, thank God I have no fear of speaking to others, or this would be insufferable. However, I think I could use a suit, but my goal of getting one from Talbots seems to be impossible as they seem to be running out of my size in all of their sale lines. Time to buy off of Ebay, I think.

Books on the train today: a man was reading Crime and Punishment, and a woman was reading an Ian Banks book about Crows. I forgot to write its title down but those of you who know the author will know immediately what I mean. Me, I'm reading Charlaine Harris' last Sookie book, Dead and Gone, and feeling very sorry about it because I'm already 2/3 done and I think I only started on Friday in a blatant attempt to pick up a book so absorbing I'd get stuck in right away. I'm also kind of poking around with Cold Comfort Farm, which, I'll admit, is quite funny. I love that the cows on the farm are called Graceless, Pointless, Feckless, and Aimless.

It was, in fact, so crowded on the ride that it was almost impossible to read at all. We were leaving people behind at every station, though folks were really doing their best to crowd in all the way along. Stockwell was a huge blessing. It's a mystery why some days it's so crowded and somedays it's not. Maybe it's because the weather is so good today: our March has truly come in like a lamb.

I was hoping maybe to see ergotia tonight (though really I ought to do better when trying to see people than just send them a response on LJ), but as thing are shaping up and per a recommendation from zygopetalum on another post, I think I really just ought to go to Pilates after work. I've got my workout clothes with me, so it just might happen.

AAAND 28 things on my todo list, including a presentation at 1 PM. Time to get cracking!
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