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A gorgeous, sunny day - is it spring?

Our March came in like a lamb yesterday, a dry, sunny day that heralded warmer temperatures to come. In fact, it wasn't even that cold - I was able to go to work not wearing wool for the first time in months.

I can see the light bouncing off fo th white window frames of the houses across the street right now which means more of the same today.

Sadly, yesterday I was only out of the office for a grand total of 15 minutes during the work day, which means I totally missed the sun - well, except for 15 minutes - and I stayed too long, getting one thing after another done after 5 PM, so no sun on the way back home for me. It was a silly day. I had dropped everything to prep for a presentation at 1 PM, and as I was heading out the door to the conference center we use for things like this (a 20 minute walk from work), I ran into the girl who was organizing the event - who told me we were only meeting to _talk_ about the talk at 1, and we were meeting in our normal offices. So I didn't get done nearly what I wanted to as we pretty much plunged right into discussing the talk I'd prepared and then getting into this long discussion about how our teams could work together to improve project quality by "driving quality into requirements," going straight through any lunch hour and beyond. Truth be told I would have loved the walk to get there, but I'm glad I got to do something productive with the rest of my day.

But ... I am wanting to do some gym time. And some sun time. Today is all meetings, mostly, from 9-noon and then from 1:30-4:30. I think I can get some gym time in, and maybe even a walk if I try. Then it's dinner in Streatham. It should be a good, if busy, day.
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