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This week will be Shakespearean to the max

With the purchase of tickets for Macbeth at the Barbican, this is suddenly going to be "the week I saw three Shakespeares." Thursday night was Henry V at the Southwark Playhouse (review here, worth a see but more at the 13 pound price), yesterday was a matinee of Measure for Measure at the Almeida (no review but will work on it today, promise) and then it's the Barbican Friday. Woo! My guess is that that will be the end of the year's allocation as I do like to spread myself around theatrically.

After the matinee yesterday (at the Almeida), we went with Amy to the Charles Lamb pub for a simply great dinner, then to Rotherhithe for a chance to tour the original tunnel dug by Brunel under the Thames. Getting there was a trial, actually; we had a thirty minute wait for a bus that normally tooks 12, and a drunk Serbian Croat at the bus telling us how 1) London has been ruined by foreigners 2) all people of African origin are the same and should be shipped back to Africa 3) black people and white people having children is unnatural 4) but he's not a racist 5) and look it's as unnatural as gay people being parents 6) obviously because if I fuck a man I don't have a baby do I 7) it's good you don't believe in God because then you'd probably go on at me about the Jews 8) you fucking Americans (stomps away). It was amazing, really. He complained about being discriminated against in Croatia because of his Serb last name but clearly the irony escaped him.

Anyway, the tour was fun (pictures on Facebook), but the fun fair above ground was pants, too small, not well enough organized, too many people with not enough entertainment going on. Fortunately we only had about 30 minutes to kill after wasting all of our time with the idiot at the bus stop, and all in all I'd consider the evening a success. We got home at a very reasonable time (good transportation connection outbound at least) and will be off to see a castle today!
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