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This was a good weekend

Boy, have I been busy. Friday night was a fun dinner with dreamsewing, at which we caught up on each others' news and discussed fun future get togethers, all while I slowly worked my way through rather a lot of sake. Saturday was a Shakespeare matinee and an underwhelming Victorian fun fair with a tunnel trip; today was a trip to Eltham Castle, an art-deco fantasyland that reminded me of Bright Young Things, just people with too damned much money and no real direction in their lives. Yeah, they traveled all over the place, they collected art, they had fabulous dinner parties (with fireworks - I'm inspired!) - but it all just seemed rather weird to me. I mean, I guess there could be a life where your next dinner party and planning the spring garden was all you had to do, but it seemed really odd to me, like some bit of their brain was missing. Ah well, there's much to be said for a life that lets you have two dogs, a lemur AND a parrot. And the bathroom with the gold mosaic and marble sculpture of Psyche was alright, too. I took lots of pictures, mostly of the flowers, as we weren't allowed to take any pictures in the actual house itself. (They're on Facebook if you're interested.)

Then back to London, grocery shopping, a really early dinner, and both Guys and Dolls (not all of it, though, it's a long movie) and a bit of David Attenborough to cool down pre-bed. I found this video from the movie: I'm sure this song is representing someone's fantasy, but it's really just very odd.
Tags: another sunday pissed away, youtube
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