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If you like the theater reviews - Measure for Measure, Almeida Theater

After Pilates yesterday, wechsler and I refreshed our poor bodies with dinner at Ah King. Then I went home, watched the middle bit of Guys and Dolls (it's a very long move - he's back from Cuba), and finished my review of Measure for Measure at the Almeida Theatre. I was kind of surprised last night to see it was classified as a comedy - I suppose this can only be because just one person gets executed and not three. Or was there another two executions at the end? I found it a bit confusing. Oddly, I actually preferred the less-well-polished Henry V at the Southwark Playhouse. It was just more memorable. The Almeida did a show that was perfect but ... well, not as engaging. If you're a Shakespeare completist (and I'm not, but I'm sure it will happen over time), this would be a very good opportunity to bag your M2M.

I've also got a bit to say about my work day but will have to save that for later ... I'm going to see three Shakespeares in 8 days, can you believe it? This Friday will be Macbeth at the Barbican!
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