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If he wrote Master and Margarita, then "White Guard" would be brilliant, right?

I went out last night to see The White Guard, which I had high hopes for but ultimately disappointed me. In retrospect, I suspect the audience enjoyed it because of the so-called translation, and this is likely why I did not. It was a Russian situation told by decidedly English people. It did not seem like Bulgakov at all.

I then rushed home and wrote up my review as fast as I can, which wasn't nearly fast enough even though the play started at 7. As if it wasn't bad enough that work is getting its pound of flesh out of me (yesterday: more reviews and financial stuff then 3 hours of me doing and listening to presentations followed by three more hours of reviews), this writing is eating into me and leaving me wiped. But I've got three more shows this week (ballet tonight and Friday, dance show Saturday), and if I get behind I won't catch up.

And, you know, of course, I'm being paid so much money to do this. That is, none at all. I never got paid for the gig in February. Grr. Not like I was really expecting to ever be paid for this; I'm the one driving myself.

Anyway, 'nuff said for today. Off to my real job.
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