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Peer comparisons

This week at work has been extreme. Tuesday I had another presentation to give; but it was Wednesday, where I was at a "peer comparison review" meeting, that absorbed most of my energy, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. This was me presenting my team and the scores I thought they should earn to the other managers on my team so that my boss, our manager, could represent the team and the scores they earned to the other managers at his level. I was given props for having the supporting evidence organized so well, but, still, even though I think the people that work for me perform more highly than other people do in the company, I was only able to influence 2/14 scores up a notch. This was because, well, "we've been telling management one thing all year long, we can't change it now, someone else will have to move because it will ruin the curve," etc. Awful. I felt like a lawyer with 15 minutes to prove why someone should be set free, jailed, or shot.

This sapped me for the rest of the week, I tell you. I dragged myself through yesterday, which actually was a hooky day in which I was in the office very little due to setting up a meeting with a peer in a related company with offices across town. This set me up nicely for a lunchtime visit to the YMCA and a round of Pilates - all very relaxing and direly needed. Afterwards, it was a goodbye party for the Silver Fox, whose last day is a week from today. Ah, red wine! At this point, all I really need to do today is read documents today (after my two hours of Friday meetings) - I'm really happy for a chance to chill.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicEvenings have been crazy this week, with me out every night; ballet Sunday, Wednesday, and tonight; Magnetic Fields Monday; a play Tuesday. Last night was my night "off" and I used it to go to the Wellcome to see the identity exhibit with dreamsewing. It was fun; always good to enjoy her company (so much talk about white picket fences!), our Pho was yummy, and we ended the evening with tasty little cupcakes from the Wellcome's cafeteria.

Right, now on to Friday ...
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