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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Singing days, bluesy nights

Yesterday I hung out with wechsler, him doing his homework (he's still not all well), me practicing for the evening at Showoff Piano Bar. I tried three or four songs for new inclusion - "Schadenfreude" (Avenue Q), "I Am Electric" (Starlight Express), something from Anything Goes where it turned out I'd lost a page of the sheet music so I gave up on it, and "I Don't Wanna Show Off No More" (Drowsy Chaperone). As it turns out, when we got to the bar, there were so many people there and such a line to sing that I only got to do one song, and "Show Off" is what I chose. There are three bits in the song where the singer stops and does incredible dancing - tap, high kicks, the splits - but I obviously can't do that, so instead I did mime, Irish dancing, and standup comedy (I had the piano player totally stop while I told a joke about some nuns on a bus, based on something that really happened to me back in Seattle). I had the bar roaring with laughter, so I think it was a success. djm was there, surprise!

Earlier in the night we'd gone to night two of Cloud Dance Festival, being held up near Caledonian Road. The best piece of the night was a naked, blindfolded tango, about which I can only say PHOAR. The worst part was the woman sitting two over from me telling off the festival photog for doing his job - the shutter click was too noisy for her. I leaned over to HER when the next break came and told HER off, to go move if she didn't like it as he was being paid to be there and the dancers needed those shots. GRRR. I also got a phone call from shevek, who, it appears, is moving to the US. Wah.

I left Showoff 20 minutes before last train, but apparently only just before the second to last train, which had a platform FULL of people waiting to get on it. Not all people did. Then when we got to Kennington, well, we were unable to make it onto the next southbound Northern Line train, and, well, after what we'd just seen at Leicester Square, we gave up and went upstairs to get a night bus. Cue getting home nearly an hour later than normal, and people being insane all the way- they wouldn't all fit on the night bus either. It was awful, but I managed to make it almost all the way through Love in a Cold Climate, which I'm enjoying a lot.

But still, with the time change, suddenly I was getting in bed at 3, and then had a hard time sleeping all the way to 11 even though I was exhausted, so here I am rushing around at 12:30 to get to Angel for 1:30 to meet my new house sitter and then go see Lost Musicals at Sadler's Wells. I hope I can stay awake. Making duck tonight and bringing computer with me so I can write up my ballet review from Friday. AIEEEEEE need more sleep.
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