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I stayed up too late again! Lost Musicals (Paris) and Diaghilev

Sunday's big deal was going to see Paris, a "Lost Musical" by Cole Porter getting a staged revival (see my review for the details) at Sadler's Wells. It was really great fun, as silly a show as you could please, with snappy dialogue and good to great songs. I didn't even mind that it was three acts - time seemed to fly! I'll have to go to the next one with booklectic if she can manage it.

Yesterday was Plow Through Boring Personnel Stuff at work (complete with great quote I'll have to share later), followed by Korean food and then a trip to the Peacock (Sadler's Wells southern outpost) to see a night inspired by Diaghilev - yes, again, as half of the dances were pulled from the original Diaghilev night Sadler's Wells did back in September. Thankfully, they did the best piece from that evening ("Afterlight"), and we got a new Wayne MacGregor to boot, so it was well worth the five quid ticket price (and the community dance pieces weren't all that bad). In fact, it was so well worth it that we left after "Afterlight," the better to get home and get a good night's sleep. I ruined the effect, though, by staying up late writing my Paris review. I've been out 14 nights in a row as of last night and have three more nights to go before I "take it easy" by going to Sicily; this going out and then writing about it lark is kind of wearing me out. If only work was less busy and I could spend more time writing there ....
Tags: ballet, dance, reviews, wayne macgregor is an ungracious asshole
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