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The weekend ends

Well, I've been doing a poor job of seeing less shows this year, as I've actually seen ten more as of today than I had this time last year. Pathetic showing. I blame wechsler, after all, if we were hanging out more I'd have less reason to be hiding out in a theater night after night. Worse yet, I could be at home surfing the web for Alice in Wonderland earrings. Totally need these like a hole in my head, but that's why I have two, right, to hang the earrings from. Hurry back from France, wechsler, my impulse control is weak right now.

Eh. Well, I've been very social this weekend, going to see the all-male Pirates of Penzance not just with Amy (whom we'd just spent a week with in Italy) but also Chantal whom I'd met from Twitter and my old coworker Cate. Somehow it all wound up running long and we didn't get back home until midnight. That wasn't about the show, of course, it was all about the gossiping and catching up.

Saturday was rather a quick rush out the door after breakfast to make a 12:30 showing of Cinderella at the Royal Opera House (I've been writing it up tonight and just finished it.) It made me wish that PNB would take on a few shows from abroad: I'm sure the Seattle audiences would eat this up. I sure did.

Afterwards it was off to Bou Tea (just down the road from the ballet!) for another stab at their delicious tea menu, then off for a round of rarely possible Saturday afternoon shopping, which led to new jammies & undies (M&S), groceries (Tesco), bread (Paul), and contact lens solution (Superdrug). I know, almost too exciting for words, but it was great to have so many of these stores so close together, basically between the ROH and the tube, and to actually have them all OPEN.

Then home and a wonderful dreamsewing came over for tacos. We fiddled and chatted and ate and (yay!) bought tickets to go to Madrid in June, then finally got off of our tails and went to Chez Blondes for further socializing. Somehow we stayed until almost midnight, then dragged ourselves back home for a rather too-late bedtime.

Morning and I was making French toast with yonder bread from Paul. M headed off after breakfast, while I got to work on cleaning house and self prior to yet another ballet engagement. J showed up with groceries while I was in the shower, and we then headed off to Bou Tea again, where we met mabel_morgan, Amy (again) and her cousin (who'd house-sat for us and needed to return the keys, which I do really hope I put in my bag). Then we went to ENO to see Ballet Nacional de Cuba, which wasn't entirely rocking it for today's show, but we loved our dress circle seats (an unusual extravagance for me) and the second act really picked up.

Theatrical irritations of the weekend: 1) girl singing along with "Modern Major General" at Wilton's Music Hall 2) child singing along with the violin during a rather emotional selection from Swan Lake. Okay, awesome that the kid knew the music that well, but FOR CHRIST'S SAKE I could hear him from across the freaking hall STUFF A SOCK IN IT.

Home then and cooked Moroccan chicken with less success than my first go back at wechsler's flat three years ago (what am I doing wrong?), but the leftovers will serve us well during the week. And now it's 10:30 and really time to go to bed. Should I bother reviewing the Ballet Nacional show? Probably not, as it's now over. Pilates tomorrow and bed VERY soon tonight.
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