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I wasn't supposed to be here

I've been dreaming for months of going to see the Hortus Bulborum in Holland. Actually, I've been dreaming of it longer than that, but I hadn't realized it was practical before; I knew it existed as a fairyland of beautiful flowers that I saw pictures of in Old House Gardens. But this year, when I was trying to organize my garden, I remembered that OHG got THEIR bulbs from HB, and, what with me living in a zone where there is easy transport of agricultural products, I, too, could get bulbs from HB (as I can't get them at all from OHG) ... and LO I realized I could visit this place.

Now my real hope had been to go there with someone and have a nice girlie day of picture taking, and then maybe slum around Amsterdam a bit and enjoy the art and the culture, but I couldn't find anyone to go with me (a bit depressing given that I was willing to pay for the very affordable airfare and hotel if I could just find someone who wanted to go ... sad when even that offer can't get someone to say yes) so I dialed it down to just an intense overnight, leaving on tehe last plane on a Friday and then coming back on teh last plane on a Saturday, keeping it really cheap.

I finally got serious about finding a place to stay this week, and I spent rather way too much time trying to nail a place where they'd let a single traveller stay. (Not only does no one want to go with me, but the hotels don't want my business! Thanks, guys.) So finally I found a place in Haarlem, a town I'd never considered before, and everything was ready for a perfect, intense little trip to the flowers, a girlie indulgence for me, something I'd normally imagine doing maybe once in a lifetime: actually seeing where the things I love come from, in this case, these exquisite flowers.

But well. You know. Volcanoes. Blah. Day one no flights. This morning, just maybe the last flight would still go. But by midmorning, nothing.

Okay, fine, readjusting everything, I can make this work. I got my money back for my BA flight and cancelled the hotel (they later refunded the money as they'd been able to rebook the room, yay). I figured, hey, I can spend tomorrow at Kew, go with Wechsler, whom I haven't seen in almost two weeks, it'll be fun.

But well. You know. Train strikes. He missed his connection to his Eurostar train because of this and, due to the flight blockage, ALL TRAINS between Paris and London are booked solid for THREE DAYS.

So, well, he's somewhere in a hotel in Lille tonight. I wound up going to see Kick Ass with J tonight (a wee bit on the violent side for me but still awesome), then went to ShowOff piano bar on my lonesome and sang "When You're Good To Mama" and had some 50 year old guy hit on me and just basically waited to go home, which I did at 10:45 or so. And I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing tomorrow other than that I should probably do a little cleaning and maybe some baking and absolutely some shopping and God knows what later. Nothing's worked out as I've planned it for the last 24 hours and I can only assume at this point a kraken will rise from the depths and pull me under if I say I'm absolutely committing to anything.

I do kind of wish I were sleeping in my hotel in Haarlem right now, though. It's better being home than being stuck on a train to Lille and looking at taking a ferry back home tomorrow but I'm really sorry that I won't get to see the flowers this year. I guess no matter what fate had one thing in store for me: I was doomed to spend this night and tomorrow alone.
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