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StarEast 2010 day two - Rick Craig "Essential Test Management and Planning"

Last night I slept like crap on a stick again. Since I slept fine Friday and Saturday, I have to blame this on the jitters about not waking up in time for the conference. This I managed to do today, sneaking out at 8 AM and giving my sister a hug as I walked out the door - Dawn was still asleep so I didn't want to wake her up. They're not here so I assume they made their flight.

Today was a long, full-day session with Rick Craig, whom I took a lecture from last time, on "Essential Test Management and Planning." Unfortunately I think it was aimed more at the people who needed the essentials rather than me, though the three hours we spent on how to craft a good test plan were doubtlessly useful (as I'm planning on redoing all of our templates). However, I need more about selling and measuring the organization - about long term planning, not project planning - so I wound up feeling very sorry I wasn't at the talk on making unambiguous requirements next door, as that's part of a project I'm planning on ramping up at work this year. Ah well. I did get the notes from the other class, and get an idea of how to do requirements review from Rick's class, so hopefully it will come together.

Then it was off to the mall (skipping the reception; I didn't feel like chatting with strangers and didn't see any point in the drinks, given that I was driving), where I bought three suits; one pinstripe, one gray, one reddish. Jones New York poppy shirt from Dillards. Too expensive at $5... on Twitpic (I did not buy this shirt, I just wanted to.) I kind of want a black one, too, but given the pinstripe was full price and even at half price the other two added up, I'm not sure if I'm going to get another one. I also got a present for a friend from the great stash of Alice in Wonderland "Disney Couture" jewelry on sale at Macy's and then also a gift for a coworker from the Lancome counter in Nordstroms. I was actually getting really fuzzy brained before this was over and struggled to find the car, briefly worrying that it had been stolen. A white car in a Florida parking lot is very much like a needle in a haystack - only more like a piece of hay in a haystack, except it's a special because your key works in it. Earlier on my way out of the conference I tried to let myself into someone else's car - I just can NOT tell the damned things apart, especially when I'm firing on 3 cylinders.

I managed to get to La Hacienda - a Colombian restaurant next to the mall - and have a very yummy dinner, including a glass of juice of some fruit I'd never heard of before.My delicious dinner at La Hacienda, 8204 Crystal Clear Lane, ... on Twitpic

Anyway, now it's 10:30 and I've discovered my charming hotel charges $10 to receive packages for guests. This is especially delightful given that they couldn't even be bothered to take it to my room, so I'm not sure just what sort of "service" I'm paying for. I've also managed to not read a lick since I've been here, which seems kind of crazy given how many books I've brought & what a dedicated reader I am normally. Let's just hope I get some sleep tonight - I sure need it.
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