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Once more with last night

Just had a table of people roaring at my story about the guy from last night. Let's recap.

Him: "Would you like a beer?"
Me: "No thanks."
Him: "You wanna shoot some pool?"
Me: "No, not really, I'm tired & getting ready to go home."
Him: "What do you mean you're tired? I'm a truck driver. What do you do to be so tired?"
Me: "I think it's the time change. And I need to be awake to drive back to my hotel."
Him: "How far away are you?"
Me: "About half an hour."
Him: "My apartment's only five minutes away."
Me: "..."
Him: "Are you sure you don't want to party?"
Me: "No, I'm married, that's not really my thing."
Him: "Hey, I'm married, too. C'mon, let's have some fun."

Anyway, it was a pretty hard come on, but I couldn't figure out what was funnier: the thought that I could be "bought" for a beer, or the thought that the fact he was married and his apartment was five minutes away were somehow facts that were 1) in his favor 2) going to make me change my mind.

If nothing else, at least it got some good laughs over lunch, which was very social and pleasant.
Tags: orlando, stareast
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