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A proper vacation day

Slept until 9:30 today (up until 1:30 though so just barely 8 hours), then after some breakfast Mary and I headed off to the Brevard zoo. I had read in the Frommer's guide that it had kayaking, and since it got a two star rating to boot, I thought that sounded well worth an hour's drive.

As it turns out, it took us rather longer to get there that I expected (not that I minded, somehow we haven't run out of things to talk about), but this turned out to be a really amazing zoo, small but with fabulous exhibits, including a python cage set up to look like a camp bed and a rhino exhibit that was both large and full of great enrichment activities. Not one of the animals looked like it didn't have enough room to roam or was acting neurotic. (Photos are up on Facebook.)

We did make it kayaking, too, which only took about 20 minutes but was loads of fun. It was warm and very humid out, though, and M had made plans for dinner with her cousin, his wife, their kid, and M's aunt/cousin's mom, so rather than doing the other kayaking trail (the African one!), we headed back into Orlando.Me & my best friend Mary getting ready to kayak around the Br... on Twitpic

Best part of dinner: being at cousin's house and having his home made salsa and guacamole. WOW AND YUM. Worst part: dinner was in one of those horrible corporate restaurants I try to avoid like the plague. Now, it was still most nicer than most of the UK corporate restaurants, but there's a reason why I make an effort to drive all over the place to get nice food, and Bonefish was not cutting it for me.

Still, as it turns out, dinner was on Auntie, so that was alright, and since I'd been eating so much heavy food, having a chicken salad was about the right thing for me. And after dinner we were done, as the toddler was near exploding and I was tired. Back to the hotel we went, and, after changing into my suit, I went for a dip in the pool. It turns out tonight was "dive in movie night," so I spent some time watching Planet 51, which was mostly dull but worth about 30 minutes (including a bit of time nursing a frozen banana daiquiri). Then it was back to the room, where M and I spent the night chattering away, her showing me pictures of her wedding, her daughter's 3rd birthday party, and videos of them chasing the potbellied pig they recently bought (at a swap meet of all things) all around their farm. It was, really, a fun day and a good night. I'm not sunburned but boy am I tired!
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