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Gelatinous Octohedron and Japanese, Day 2

Work was slow and pleasant today. I'm trying to get ramped up for my Leading a Big QA Effort Involving Five Teams (aka Webcowgirl goes Cat-punching), but I was easily distracted by about a hundred other things. The best part was when lunch rolled around and I realized I'd signed up for a game of Munchkin with three of my coworkers - a full hour of structured screwing off with friends! It's great to enter the field of Spiteful Combat in a fantasy setting rather than the real-life Halls of Hatred - and so far everyone still seems pretty nice. Doing stuff like whacking people with a Chicken on your Head curse has got to relieve the tension of the much more evil moments that are sure to come in later months.

Fortunately I missed the Carnival of Lies on all national broadcast outlets tonight as I was busy taking my Japanese class (and eating crap Chinese food at the Bellevue Top Gun -- does the quality always fall when the restaurant is on the other side of the lake?), so instead of trying to make my way through a tension backache tonight I'm able to relax with some Trashy Science Fiction® and a shower. Hah hah hah!
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