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Orlando day ... ten?

Today was full of awesome with awesome sauce on top. We started off at a Venezuelan restaurant down the street, where we had fried bananas, rice, beans, an "arepa" (like a muffin made of grits) and eggs scrambled with salsa for breakfast. Wow. Share photos on twitter with Twitpic So good and so filling!

Then we headed to Wekiva Springs state park (per lastwordy_mcgee's recommendation). I was kicking myself for not looking up what was going on there before we left, but the center of the park was this amazing, clear pool people were swimming in and I didn't have my suit. Aargh! Still, that didn't stop us from going kayaking, so after we did the little boardwalk nature tour, we headed down the river in a double kayak. It was a totally gorgeous day although just a bit on the warm side, but it was nice and cool on the water.

This kept us going until about 2:30, when we headed back into Orlando. I collapsed for a bit, then revived myself in time for us to head out to see Xanadu: The Musical, which we both loved (review to follow, I think). Then it was slices of NY style pizza and back to the hotel, where we swam, then hung out by the pool and did more catching up (me with a margarita). It's really been a fantastic day. Tomorrow will be Cocoa Beach and a manatee tour! I can't wait. We're even going to play some miniature golf. I can tell I'm going to be sorry when this vacation is over (though technically the vacation part has been very short, just the last two days and tomorrow).View of the kayaking path from Wekiwa Springs - a nice day to... on Twitpic
Tags: kayaking, manatees, orlando, xanadu
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