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Orlando day 12: this was not the ending I was looking for

Well, the day started off lovely, except for not getting enough sleep. I decamped from my room, had lunch with lastwordy_mcgee's mom, then went and hung out at the pool until it was time to go to the airport. I'd discovered earlier in the day that I'd lost my book club book sometime earlier in the week; I only read about three pages of it, and had no luck at the previous hotel getting it. But I had enough money to pay the airport tolls, which was good.

Anyway, I got to the airport, checked in the car, and nearly got run over trying to get out of it. When I got to the BA counter, there was no line, but my bag was overweight :-( and I had to pay $50. Then I realized I didn't have my wallet. I had seen it in the car, right before the other car nearly hit me, and I was so startled I didn'tOb reach down and pick it up from the floorboard of the car. So I had to go back to the rental agency and sweat it out. I noticed while I was there they'd charged me $80 for 8 days of baby seat rental (I'd only had it for 3); so at least I got the opportunity to get that refunded. I got my wallet back, but, joy, the English money that was in it was gone. :-( Then to make it special I had to go pay for my bag.

So, here I am, realizing that anyone clever enough to just take my money out of my wallet might have written down my card numbers, so I'm trying to cancel all my cards, from an airport, without a phone to do it with. Obviously I'm relying on J to help me here but the US credit card is going to be a little more irritating as he's not on it. I suppose things could be worse but it is a bad ending to my trip. I could have used the scale, that's for sure, the one I couldn't find before I left, and I really hope I don't have too many problems getting my train tickets when I get to the station on Friday to go to Bradford.
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