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Wakefield tulip trip; day with bad ankle

This was a very quiet day. I did sort of work from home, but I also very much fell asleep for over two hours, and if you know me well you know a two hour nap is an unheard of thing. I think it was a healing nap. My "working" consisted of calling in for 2 1/2 hours of phone conferences. I would have like to have done more but it didn't happen. I did, however, get paid for today, rather than losing it due to no paid sick days my first year, which is a relief.

Wechsler came over tonight and brought me some groceries and made me dinner, which I was happy for, well, all of it, the company and the dinner and the extra food. He also looked at my foot, said it was just a sprain and was already getting better (as I'm able to both bend it and circle it without hurting), then bandaged it up for me so I felt properly nursed. I have to say I really enjoyed the attention. He was pretty brain dead though, so after I showed him my pictures from my weekend, he showed me a video of some people having an interview about the current state of the state in the UK and nearly flipping out at each other, then said goodnight.

I used the opportunity to finish up my big review of my trip (with A) to see the Wakefield and North of England tulip show. It needs some more links, say to the society's website and to the Hortus Bulborum and Old House Gardens, but it does have lots of nice pictures, especially for those of you not on Facebook.

With that, it's now 10 PM and I feel the call for Healing Sleep, especially if I'm well enough to hobble into work I'll need to get up early enough to make the long hobble to the tube. Enjoy the flower report.
Tags: dodgy ankles 1 me 0, flowers, garden, tulips
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