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Living too fast to blog about it

So much of the traffic has died off of LJ these days that I feel like I'm just sort of checking on a former pet when I come by here. I started using LJ for the community, but now my community appears to be living much more actively on Twitter. If I'm going to pour a lot of energy into writing, I do it for my theater blog. I still want to blog about life (when I dare) and work (which is interesting and fun), but blogging here is frequently really just feeling like diary keeping. It's no longer much about the community of it.

That said, I'm also busy, as ever. Last week I saw two classical music concerts as part of the Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music (neither of which I wrote up, though for the record I thought seeing a classical music performance in Westminster Abbey was right cool) and two plays (both bad, though Ingredient X will more quickly be forgotten about than the Mandy Patinkin/Hal Prince giant mistake known as Paradise Found, rarely have two new shows so quickly made me see the value of going to see the classics but the Paradise Found review is far more scathing). I indulged myself with a day in gardening on Saturday (the weather was supposed to be gorgeous, and it was), followed by a night in watching Xanadu (which I enjoyed immensely). I also had my very first private Pilates lesson with Alison, my favorite instructor from the YMCA - it was hard work but it made me feel great. And J and I went to Walthamstow and saw the William Morris house on Sunday, because I thought it would be cool and so did he.

And, yes, Alison worked around my ankle, and, no, it's still not up to snuff yet. I suspect it really wants me to spend more time off of it, which is what I'm doing right now, sitting on the couch with my ankle elevated, drinking cold cider. It's just heavenly, I tell you, and the only thing that could have possibly made it better was finding an extra flan in the fridge that I made on Saturday to go with tacos (tacos and Xanadu, a perfect combination). It was icy cold and delicious and just the thing after the warm day we just had.

This week, for the interested (as I'm not likely to blog any more before the weekend), is a free trip to see Salome at the Richmond Theater (because theater blogging is working for me), a Sekrit Event on Thursday with Jason (it's the anniversary present I bought for him, but he won't find out what it is until we walk in the door of the place we're going to), a visit with my friend Amy, then the funtasmagoria that is a three day weekend, with extra added Showoff Piano Bar, Eurovision, Lady Gaga (EEE!) and even a trip to Bletchley Park with wechsler for 40s Day. Really, you can see why I don't have time to do this, right?> I mean, it's already past my bedtime, and tonight was already burned at Pilates (not private) and the Assa (where I had dinner with Josh). Really, I am trying to live my life so fast that I can't remember the bad bits.

And for those who were wondering, my houseguest is on his feet at last and has a place of his own. It's a bit quiet around the place without him, but I'm happy to say that someone who showed up with neither home nor house now has both. (And for those of you who didn't know I'd had someone living here for about five weeks - you're probably just not keeping in touch. But hey, that's what Facebook is for, right?)
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