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First the throat gets tight, then the chills and aches start

I am in the middle of a completely unpleasant cold. Well, actually, guess it's a fever, given that colds aren't usually accompanied by body chills like this one was. There I was last night, in my polartec pyjamas, under five blankets ... and it's June. Now, truth be told, it's a bit cool in London, but not cold enough for me to pull out all the stops like I would in the winter. I didn't turn on the heat, though, figuring it was all mental and next thing, I'd be overheated and unable to cool down. I was up every half an hour, parched, uncomfortable. Some time around three AM I finally got some aspirin in me - I was just too tired to look for it.

Anyway, so I didn't go into work today, and I did my best to work from home, but I kept just falling asleep. I look forward to having sick time again.

By the way, I figured out that I can apply for ILR (indefinite leave to remain) after 5 years instead of 6 like I thought - so in two Augusts, I'll be filing my paperwork. I'd best save up some dough, too, as the cost is 1000 quid. Anyone who wants to visit me, come August 14-September 14th 2011, I'll be stuck in town and looking for company.

Also, I went to the Pixies last night, and between the ankle and the cold, I was kind of checked out. For a lot of people it seemed to be a religious experience, but it just wasn't hitting me that way. Ah well, age.
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