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Kabuki for the win

Yesterday I mostly continued staying home and being unwell. I had given away my tickets for the previous night's ballet: I was really sad about missing a performance I'd seen each of the previous three years (New Works, showcasing up and coming choreographers of the Royal Ballet and in a lovely, intimate theater) but after sitting through the Pixies in befuddlement I thought I'd only make it to the show and go, "What the hell am I doing here? I feel like crap!" and utterly fail to enjoy myself at all. If it's work, you're not doing it right, really, so I stayed home Friday, for once.

However, I had tickets for Kabuki at Sadler's Wells for last night, and there was just no way I was going to miss it, especially as I'd bought them for wechsler as a birthday present for him and really wanted to be there to enjoy it with him as much as to see it myself. So I spent the day conserving my energy, sleeping late, doing just a little bit of housework, realizing even housework was very, very tiring, failing to ignite in general, and finally having a long conversation with my brother. Then suddenly it was 4:30 and I needed to head up north.

Sadlers' Wells presentation of Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees was brilliant. I hid a lot of the plot in my review as I didn't want to spoil it for anyone who didn't go; but I will say that there was a fox spirit in this show and that furries around the world could learn a lot from the brilliant presentation of the fox in this play. Furthermore, the entire evening was a really good time. I had already spent the day basically feeling good about life (a stunning change from the nearly inevitable mope of most weekends the last year or more), and without doubt part of it was because I was looking forward to my good evening; but the evening itself was so perfect, from the temperature to people's good moods to being in a theater surrounded by women in kimono to the perfectly seared salmon wechsler was served at dinner to the lemon sorbet he bought me at the interval - what more could you ask out of life? And as it was a Saturday I had no compunction about a 2:40 running time for the show; in fact, I stayed up late writing the review because I was so ramped up about the show. God, I love Kabuki, and once I get my visa status permanently settled in the UK I would like, at some point, to go to Japan for a year and really immerse myself in the cultural life there. Not sure how that would happen any more, but it's what I'd like to do.

This brings us around today and I am a worn out girl with little energy. I still haven't got the kitchen clean like I'd like it, but I'm pleased to say I do have a shadowdaddy in it right now, making those amazing meatballs from that recipe in the New York Times some years back. It takes hours but we've got hours, I've got time to nap, and I'm going to do so in just a little bit and then get back to trying to get the house to looking like I'd like it to, and to getting the rest of my little planties in the dirt where they belong.
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