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Still sick but dedicated

Last night I came home from seeing The Mousetrap and finished my review for Joe Turner's Come and Gone (currently playing at the Young Vic). I'd pretty much finished writing it but needed to research the national origin of the various performers to see to what extent the dialogue coach had scrubbed an "English" accent out of the actors rather than anything else. My hypothesis was right: only one of the people on stage was American, and he was the best performer of the night. He's also pretty famous in general, so maybe there's more to his performance than the ease with which he handled the accent of his character. Still, this had me up until 11:30. What was I thinking? I needed to get some sleep. This became even more apparent at 4 AM, when I started having a coughing fit. I got it down for an hour or so then lost some more sleep. Bleah.

I took my hacking and coughing self to work despite this (and very much due to not getting paid for sick days off work my first year). Woke up to some rather depressing tweets from people who'd been to the show I went to last night (the Mousetrap): one saying she was thinking about washing her hair to get it clean because it had been coughed on so much; the other saying she was "probably fighting off the cold Webcowgirl had given to me." It was really irritating. I have just had these colds settle in my lungs and I don't see myself as being communicable at day five; I don't have a runny nose or anything, just a dry, hacking cough. Hypochondriac jerks.

I made it through day at work with only about two coughing fits. Got my tickets to visit my uncle in Munich before the end of the day. Then, cough or no cough, I had an appointment with my Pilates instructor today, so I was going hell or high water (you don't want to stiff people for these things). Her house was on the more northern end of the Northern line and decorated with what I thought was great taste: old rock posters carefully frames, freaky bobble-head dolls, sweet springer spaniels hiding in the kitchen. She took it easy on my ankle but had me doing all sorts of fun stuff that challenged me in various ways. At one point, I was doing an exercise where you lie on your side with feet braced against a bar and one hand holding onto a horizontal bar on springs, then curve your torso upwards, led by your arm. The set of reps on my left side sucked; but then when I did the final set, I finally understood that you lift using your torso and not by pulling yourself up by your arms. This is a big deal because I am weak with my arm muscles, but suddenly VROOM I was able to curve up just like I was supposed to. I was so pleased I did three more on that side and then went back to the other side and did another set just to try to get it right. It was totally different and cool. We also did some semi-uh, what are they called? It is this thing you do when you balance on your butt with your body in a v, your legs pointing in front and your arms up overhead. Anyway, you can do an exercise where you lay on your back and hold onto a bar over your head and kind of rise into this position, the bar curving an arc in front of you, your arms following the bar and your body rising up into this V, your butt curling underneath you to get you into the right position: oh yeah, "teasers" they are called. Anyway, they are hard to do, and I have not done one once since I moved here, but the muscle memory was there, the way your tailbone curves underneath you to get you into position, and doing them made me feel happy. Afterwards I felt a bit shakey from working out all of those poor degenerated muscles, but I had a glass of water and played with the dogs and saw that one of the rock posters on the wall was for a Siouxie/Love and Rockets concert I went to at Irvine Meadows back in 1986 (memories!) and felt pretty damned alright with the world. I get to go back next week. Yay. :-D

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