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Holding pattern on court

I was sent home at 9:30 to return at 1:30 (actually they will call me at home and let me know what's up, and if I need to return I'll be back in at 2:30). My stomach churned in the court when I saw my attacker and I started getting that tingly feeling in my hands and feet that (sometimes) indicates I'm going to faint. Fortunately my neighbor who is a witness was there and she helped me keep my shit together (breathe deep, don't think about it, c'mon, you're going to be okay, yeah, I wonder if she's going to come after me too). I can't believe I thought I was going to get some Japanese studying in, but I also can't believe they aren't keeping us apart from each other, in a separate room or something.

I guess I'm going to lie down for a while and try to chill out. I've called in to work to help out with an issue that was still active from yesterday - I'd have driven in if I had a car here. I hope they can get this case taken care of today and have it all just be over.
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