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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Trip to see "All My Sons"

I had a great time out last night with the_kumquat watching All My Sons, which is a masterfully written drama centering (in some ways) on American venality. Favorite line: "He probably just wanted to be alone to watch his star go out." I'll try to write it up sometime in the next couple of days. We also went to the Baozi Inn for dinner, where they shocked me by having the best MaPo Tofu I've had in ages, complete with tongue-numbing peppercorns. I also saw the best cake ever, complete with little birds and cats on top:
Cake, Golden Gate dessert  house

Tonight I'm spending the night in Chesterfield in preparation for a full day teaching my team tomorrow. Urgh. Today, of course, I'm exhausted because I couldn't fall asleep last night - plus I wound up staying late packing. How this had slipped my mind earlier in the day (the fact I needed to pack for an overnight), when I could have done something about it, I do not know, but I'll spend the rest of the day making up for it.

Cold: still coughing. Ankle: still benefitting from tape. Breakfast: still warm. Me: need to get off LJ.
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