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Unbirthday cards; plays

It's been a busy week for shows, despite spending Wednesday night in Chesterfield. I've got reviews up now for "All My Sons" (Tuesday night) and "Dream of the Dog" (Thursday night); in some ways they were very different (America family drama circa 1947 versus South African white vs black confrontation circa 2010): but structurally they were very similar. And then last night I went to Above the Stag (with booklectic and dr_d as well as shadowdaddy and Andrew) to see the all-male "Dangerous" (a modern day "Dangerous Liaisons"), which was another kettle of fish altogether and which I haven't quite managed to review yet. Soon, though, and it had better be really soon, because I have another play tomorrow night and I need to Get On The Horse.

Tonight was "unbirthday cards unparty," which meant about five people were over, 2 for hardcore cards from earlyish and then four for dinner and cards and chatting and (as it turned out) charades and it was all a really good time.

Last night was also a good time with the play but a special star was seeing koaloha for dinner. When people talk about social networking I think they are talking about making money and getting jobs but for me it's all about people and god damned if I don't use this damned blogging and chat and Twitter shit to help me make real friends in real life. koaloha I met through an LJ post from probably 8 years back about singing showtunes on the subway, and yet years and years later (in fact 2 Christmases ago) I turned this into meeting her in real life and it was great, she was all of the wonderful person I might have guessed but even better in person because there were another thousand stories there waiting to be told, even though she seems like she's really a bit shy. And now I have an invite to come back and see her, me, visit, her, in New York, this October, and you know what, goddammit, I'm gonna buy me a ticket next month and this is going to happen. And she said some stuff about me looking like I've really got my life pretty sorted and I'm doing well and that, well, that made me feel good in a way that's going to last me all week long. Me, I'm almost 43 years old, and my life has really turned upside down in the last six months, but someone who's seen me at both the nadir and now, she says I'm doing alright. That makes me feel good. See you all on the flip side.
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