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The New Year gets off to a bad start

According to my coworker Ken, the way you spend today will determine how you spend the rest of the year. This worries me as I do not want to spend 2004 eating potato chips for lunch and waiting hours for a phone call (not to mention having my digestive system destroyed by stress). It all came to a halt around 3 PM, when I found out my trial had been put off until late February. Now I can get back to my real life, which apparently consists of whiling away my time playing silly games and not getting nearly angry enough over the ability of the (Republican-controlled) federal government to screw my voting and civil rights away. At least I can feel superior because I'm not sitting at home watching TV ... no, indeed, I'm reading trashy science fiction and cruising people's blogs. (OK, and reading the New York Times online religiously, but still, it's just not the same as really getting out there and doing some AgitProp.)
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