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I have seriously hampered my ability to be a critic tonight

Goddammit, I slipped and fucked up my ankle AGAIN. It was practically a banana peel I stepped on but in fact it was some kind of sandwich, I think of the hamburger variety. I am sure my abrupt spill was caused by a pickle as they are EVIL.

In short: no Pilates, no trip to Sadler's Wells to see Nederlans Dance Theater *cue lost money*, no trip to Leeds to see the exhibit of Turner bird watercolors and the freaky Chinoiserie plus Audobon room at Temple Newsam in Leeds tomorrow, all fuckety fuckety fucked because of my ankle, which hurts like a motherfucker when you touch it right now.

The good news is that my Pilates instructor (I was almost at her house) babied me like a champ - giving me cold wine, icing and elevating my ankle, then sending me off with Nurofen & a freshly wrapped ankle when I said it was time to go - and wechsler totally did not care when I finally showed up at Tenshi for dinner and said I'd canned the show tickets because I couldn't bear either the walk to Sadler's Wells or the thought of sitting there gritting my teeth through the show. Instead I sat quietly at the restaurant for almost two hours and talked about the last two weeks and rested, occasionally feeling better, occasionally feeling ... really bad and kind of weepy. I finally headed home, cancelling with badgermind on the way because I just couldn't imagine myself managing the 20 minute walk from the bus stop to Temple Newsam, not to mention the walking about Temple Newsam, and then of course the walking to the freaking train station in the first place. All No No No Ow No No No.

I am home now with my ankle iced and elevated. I bought overpriced Haagen Daz ice cream at the corner shop on my way home because it's warm out and I felt like babying myself. I also had a shot of ouzo, which has gotten so cold in our freezer it's actually formed ice crystals inside of its pathetic plastic bottle. If I'm lucky maybe I can get a guest during the day tomorrow; it seems to much to hope I might be able to go out, even though a trip to the Tooting Bec civic pool seems like it might be a pleasant idea. I've invited J to watch movies with me tomorrow night and just given up on the Sadler's Wells thing. Fuck this fucking ankle and the fucking horse that rode in on it, I was so close to being healed up I could just cry. WHERE IS splendid_geryon WHEN I NEED A NURSE?
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