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misty Seattle friday

The weather report this morning was "One hundred percent humidity, with fog descending!" That doesn't always mean rain, but today it did, fine little drops that were more like a facial than actual rain. The fog had dropped, and kept dropping as I waited for the bus, huddled under the shelter with my fellow bus riders like a flock of sparrows under a pine branch. As we exit the tunnel that almost immediately follows my stop, we come out fairly high on a bridge leading to the strange bit of the road that floats on top of the lake. Today we drove into a tunnel of greyness, above, below, and to the sides of the roadway. It was like we were entering a parallel universe, and for some reason I thought when we all exited we might be in some exiting different location on the space/time continuum (not sure exactly how Elric might have fitted in to this). For a brief flash, I thought we might wind up in 1970, with Nixon as president and anti-war protesters on the other side of the bridge. I'm not sure why this would be my fantasy and not the future or a different now, but that's what popped into my head. I settled back down to reading about La Paz for the rest of the ride, which ended, as usual, in front of my office.

Tonight we attend the White Elephant party at Corinna's, followed by (hopefully) a trip to see The Fiery Furnaces at Chop Suey (which I have visited rarely despite the fact it is only down the street from my house. Tomorrow is potentially snow, an interesting thought given the thin fabric of the dress I bought to wear to Carmen. I'm still trying to figure out how to fit in a trip to the Aki Kaurismaki festival at the Grand Illusion. Perhaps I'll cancel the Sunday night Fosse movie to make room. Fortunately, the next movie I'm excited to see, Robert Altman's The Company, is sure to be around for a while, so I don't have to sweat missing it before we head out on our trip.
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