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Adventures in Italian Cooking

So ... with all of these trips to Italy, I've been cooking a lot more food from the region, thanks in part to some good cookbooks I've picked up. And along the way I've acquired some ideas about certain pastas liking to be served in certain ways. Trofie, for exampple (little strings with a knot tied in them is what they look like more or less), wants to be served with pesto and green beans. I don't know why, that's just the way I got it twice (Genoa and Milan), so that's how I think it needs to be served.

And bucatini, a hollow pasta. I think it wants to be served with Trapanese pesto, a mix of raw tomatoes and almonds. So I bought some, "fusilli lunghi bucatini," big curly hollow spaghettis, especially for this recipe, and, as they say, it was good.

However, there was some leftover in the bag, only enough for one serving, and not worth the effort of peeling tomatoes and using the mortar and pestle on the almonds, so I decided to try them in a carbonara sauce (as it's a cool day and it sounded good and I had all of the ingredients). (Note this pasta isn't very common so holding out until the next bag was bought seemed like not the best option.)

BIG MISTAKE. The insides of the pasta appear to have retained way more water than I expected and my lunch was a bit of a goopy mess. This could also have been my fault for having used 2 T of milk instead of cream (didn't have cream), but the thinness all seemed to be due to water. To which I say, yuck! Except, well, it was still pretty edible. Still, notes for the future: bucatini is not a joyous marriage with a carbonara sauce.
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