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Reviews: Hotel Medea and Cipollino

The weekend is rushing away already, no surprise since it's 1 AM here. J was crazy and went out after lovelybug's birthday do to see a show that started at 11:30 PM. It's called "Hotel Medea" and it takes place on a boat: he wrote it up here if you want to hear what happened. Important note: they were served breakfast.

Me, I'm not one for staying out like that anymore, especially not if I were trapped on a boat and wanting to leave and go sleep. Instead, I got to bed at a fairly decent hour so that I could make it to my 12:30 pre-ballet lunch date on time. Then it was off to Cipollino, a ballet that, believe it or not, is about a class war between fruits and vegetables (my review here). I thought it was a hoot but I'm a bit of a hard-core ballet fan; fortunately I went with another diehard, _la_mysterieuse, with whom I nattered about good and bad ballet like our lives depended on it for nearly every spare moment we were together. She's a pro-stories, not really liking modern person; I'm a love some stories, hate MacMillan, love a lot of modern type. In between we have Carlos Acosta. Both of us found this article on him rather insulting; worse yet, we agree that neither of us want to see him in modern. Ah well.

Tonight, meanwhile, was a stay at home night, which involved making tacos with wechsler (who met me at Covent Garden after the show), then playing some Carcasonne and watching a David Attenborough video on amphibians. Then he went home and I stayed up late writing my ballet review (i.e. until now). Why do I do this when I'm probably never going to get anywhere professionally with these things? Ah well, tomorrow I'll have two of them to write, since I'm going to the 3 PM mixed rep by the same company I saw today - oh, but wait, I'm going to a rock concert (Os Mutantes to be specific) for my evening show. Whew, what a relief, and I bet I can get it all written up in between the shows and then get to bed at a sensible time.
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