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A well deserved theater break

MAN. Today marks the start of TAKING A BREAK from shows. I think I went out to an average of one a night for the last three weeks and I am exhausted. I think the nail in my exhaustion coffin was Earthquakes in London, which was just shy of three and a half hours long. It is bad and wrong for me to get back home at nearly 12 on a school night and to make it worse I needed to leave early yesterday for an off-site meeting. Now, the play was nearly great, but feel prey to becoming a lecture on environmental screed about 1/3 of the way in. For those of you who have taken up the banner of fighting climate change, this is your play. If you haven't, it's a bit too focused on making a point over telling a story which is to me a cardinal sin.

Last night was the last show I'm likely to see of the Bolshoi's London tour: Le Corsaire. It's fun but I started losing my energy at 10 PM and couldn't handle staying for the last act. It was sad but I was tired so there you have it. I just didn't want to spend the day strung out at work. It's quiet right now and no pressure is on (yay) so I don't have adrenaline keeping me awake. It's possible I should write it up: I have a reputation to maintain now that I've made it into Time Out as a blogger to watch out for! That was the big news of yesterday. I've gone out and bought a copy so I could actually see it; it's very gratifying.

Anyway, my only real plans for tonight and tomorrow are pilates, and next week likewise has two nights blocked out for Pilates and two nights that actually have nothing going on but which I'm thinking one of them might be a theater night. But I'm taking a rest. It'll be good for me (and my wallet). I'm 25 shows ahead of what I saw last year and it's time to chillll out.
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