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Back from Lyme Regis

Ooh, look, it's my weekend at the beach icon. I forgot I had one of those.

I had a nice weekend in Lyme Regis even though it would have been much better if I hadn't been there by myself. There were a lot of things going on, and I arrived in a good mood after a week that went fairly well, so it wasn't like I was having to pick myself up from a low. I didn't really care for eating all of my meals by myself (it was pants, really), but there were a lot of activities happening on thanks to it being Carnival week, so I wound up hearing a taiko performance, seeing a play (a very bad one as it happens), and fitting in normal activities like book shopping (you have to do it at the shore, not sure why used book stores cluster there but they do), seeing a movie ("Inception," which I found boring - again, please see "Rififi" if you want to see a caper flick that really rocks), and fossil hunting. I found two ammonites and two tiny fossil sponges (130 million years old!), so I did really well. In fact, I was invited to join the fossil guy the next day when he went out, which I did, and I didn't find any more ammonites (or belemnites(?)), but apparently fossil sponges are my super power as I found several more of these.My three ammonites: Chip, Pee Wee, and 'Nuff on Twitpic

I didn't leave early to watch the Bolshoi like I thought I might (money/time, you know, why not stay where you're already having fun, plus, you know, money), and, well, if you know me, the weekend has to be judged a success because I did not fall apart and cry due to the stress and misery of being there by myself. I'm a really, really social person, you know, and I don't do well by myself. But I managed, and I did entertain myself, so I think that was good. And today I went to Pilates and this week I'm only seeing one show so, you know, life continues on. All of the upping and downing (my B&B was on top of a hill) and clambering over rocks seems to have been good for me, as the swelling on my ankle does really seem reduced today. Fingers crossed that by the end of the week I'll need neither the brace nor the painkillers.
Tags: fossils, lyme regis

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