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Brighton and Deathtrap review

I've been very actively working on keeping myself busy this summer, and as part of this program I went to Brighton this weekend to hang out with eglantinedreams. It was really just an inexpressably perfect and relaxed weekend; I slept as late as I wanted to Saturday before heading out; we did almost nothing at her flat before going up the street to a friend of hers' house (over a pub) for a girl movie night (500 Days and, um, the roller derby one) and ate pizzas and bad food; we went downstairs to the pub at 11ish and drank and danced and bullshitted until 1:30; we slept in (slight error with the air mattress but I managed well enough on the loveseat); she played me fabulous Dilly Keane while I made breakfast (blueberry buckwheat pancakes YUM); I then tried to make sense of the mess her ex-roommate had dumped on her while singing along to the Drowsy Chaperone soundtrack; she made me a yummy lunch while I pontificated on more bullshit; we strolled down the Laines (?) via several thrift shops and arrived at Scoop and Crumb just three minutes before closing yet with just enough time for me to get a scoop of both cherry and raspberry white chocolate ice cream and take it to the beach; then she took me to a bus stop and then I was on my way to the station and home at about 7:30. I made more yummy food (the arugula/rocket & cherry tomatoes pasta thing) under her influence (lunch had lemon juice and capers in it, yum!), drank some red wine, and got thoroughly caught up in Don't Tell Alfred (Nancy Mitford). I came back home with a copy of The Death of Grass. It was a good time.

Monday was work work work but with lots of transportation irritation to make it seem extra Monday-like (as I was working in Bracknell). After the ticket machine not producing my pre-paid ticket, missing a train due to late, I then was kicked off the train at Staines (with everyone else) as it had "a fault." The good news is that Staines station has a very nice book stand with things priced at 20 and 30 p, and I did manage to pick up five books in one fell swoop, thereby ruining my near perfect bought-to-read ratio for the year.

The evening ended on a high note with a trip to the Noel Coward theater to see Deathtrap, which I enjoyed despite it not being in the least deep (my review has no spoilers). I got quite a kick out of a murder-mystery play that was about people writing a murder-mystery play; I really wasn't expecting it to be so meta, or so funny. Also, one of the male characters is apparently in Glee, not that I would have known but he was a hottie. Oddly everyone did their normal accent, I think, mostly, as Simon Russell Beale just went for an English accent and a lot of the other actors were American (including the one who talked with the Swedish accent - I think).

Anyway, today was WFH day, which is good as I was too wound up after the show to get up at a decent hour, but I did spend the day being much too spaced out anyhow. And then I went into town for dinner with robot_mel and beluosus, in which their very high qualities as friends and dinner (and drinking) company was reaffirmed, and they shall be coming over for tacos before too long, oh yes they shall.
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