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Don't ever let one man worry your little mind

Came home from the white elephant party with the stack of DVDs but without the pinball machine ... it was just unfair to add that to the mix! After it ended we rushed out to go to the Fiery Furnaces show at Graceland, missing the Fitness (I think they kind of sound like Ladytron) but arriving in perfect time for the main act. Our bad fortune was counterbalanced by running into my friend Elliot as we were cresting First Hill on Boren, and we succeeded in bundling him in the car and dragging him off to the show with us. We wound up going to Capitol Hill for drinkies afterwards, too late for food at the 611 but hitting the late happy hour at the Rosebud. I spent most of the night feeling completely uncool compared to the stunning quantities of hipsters (and hot lesbians dancer-types one table over) surrounding us, but midway through my $2 vodka-cran the feeling disappeared and instead I just sat around happily talking about where in the hell was old Japan to be found and just why did Dresden get bombed anyway and other topics of interest. It was a nice evening and I've got my fingers crossed that the winner of the pinball machine decides she doesn't have room for it at her studio and gives it to me.
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