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Brief post from Dubrovnik

I spent yesterday in a boat being toted from island to island in Croatia's Elaphite chain. The first, tiny island we passed looked like the setting for The Tempest: wind swept oak trees, flowering thises and that's, with some giant agave plants to add to the otherworldliness. It wasn't that it looked bizarre; it was just so very Mediterranean, and not piney. It was cool.

Higlight of the trip for me was, not the swimming on Lopud (which was nice, with super clear water and few people) but the Thyssen-Bornemisza modern art there. I'll look it up later but the exhibit was something like "My horizon" or "Infinite Horizon," and was a dark room with a narrow band of LED florescent type lights seamlessly around the room. I walked up into it from a ramp during a bright bit and fumbled my way to the center of the room, where I watched the colors slowly changing and the room getting darker; suddenly all the lights fused together and I was no longer in a box with four walls, I was staring into infinity _with a horizon line_ everywhere I turned; it felt like a circle now. I got a little disoriented. I could hear Amy leaving and walked to where I thought the exit was; suddenly the horizon line was wobbling madly and I felt dizzy and thought I was going to fall over. Then I realized I had just, in fact, walked to within about 4 inches of one of the walls, and the wobbling was caused by my walking. So really, a very cool exhibit & really glad I made the effort to see it. The little hermit crab that crawled out of the shell I picked up off of the sandy sea bottom, he was cool, too. (I did put him back.)
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