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Last day of Dubrovnik

Today was going to be kayak day, but after doing the same route on the glass bottom boat yesterday I found myself unimpressed (& feeling the cash squeeze). So instead today we started with the Franciscan monastery (near the Pile gate), then did some window shopping (conclusion: not spending £20 on coral earrings, or £100 on a necklace, or much of anything else), then split up. I wound up going to the church of St Ignatius, then in a very naughty move skipped the Rector's Palace as I wasn't up to laying out another £5 (my cash reserves were very low). Instead, I skived off to the beach, where I layed out £8 for a deck chair & umbrella (vital with the brutal sun here). I got in some splashing and backstroking then finished up The Wind in the Willows, which is a very good book, then napped, read and swam some more, and did some cross stitch. A showed up before the nap. At some point I got a fruit plate, which was very yummy.

We left around 5 and did a final pass through town. A went for pictures, I went to the church of St Baiise (patron saint of Dubrovnic) and then, er, a chocolate shop (they had red & black packaging, how could I resist?), then detoured through, um, a big & fancy church I can't find a name for. Then it was back to the hotel for the usual round of salt-removing showers & then dinner with a pre-departure booze shop (greatly helped by the £25 I found in my suitcase) and dinner, which was pizza, salad, wine & after meal cherry liqueur for, um, £11 a person. It did start to rain but we made it back just after it really started pissing down, so I only got slightly wet, and now it's packing & reading & enjoying booze buzz time & all is well with the world.
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