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MAN. I came home last night just DYING to see what happened with Elizabeth & Mr Darcy and I wound up staying up half an hour past my late bedtime to find out. Not good. Still, happy ending!

My trip to Dubrovnik ended with a last swim and an on time flight complete with cheap local booze purchases at duty free (5 euro bottle of vodka, anyone?). I was hardcore and went home directly to drop off my bags before going into town to see Clybourne Park at the Royal Court. It's a good show, about a house in which, in the 50s, a black family is about to move, then, in 2009, a white family. I enjoyed the play, and I enjoyed the company even more, as the West End Whingers were there which meant I had someone to hang out with. I wound up staying way too late afterwards - just a complete lack of control on my part, good wine and good company mean I forget to check my watch. Very naughty, but a great way to come back to London and feel happy about it.

Work fortunately was not a pain yesterday, and I had Pilates at Alison's to look forward to. I went early intending to leave early, but instead I got a 70 minute work out (which I can really feel this morning). I then booked all the way across town to Putney so I could have dinner at wechsler's - after being gone for so long, we had a lot of visiting to do. It was fun; we ended the night looking at Amy's pictures from our trip. It was a good night and made me glad to be back home.
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