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Ah, work. As usual coming back from vacation meant my motivation was gone and everything seemed more unreal than usual. As the work on the reorg continues, this is especially true; no one seems to have any motivation or focus, and God knows I've got no feedback on anything I've been doing for well over a month. My boss is gone for the next two weeks, and due to so many other people being on vacation, apparently I'm Big Man On Campus next week and get to go to the Very Very Big Meeting on Friday (I will wear my nicest suit even though it's casual day on Fridays; it's a good chance for me to raise my profile to upper management). I've been thinking about bringing my tiara to make sure people know I'm the queen next week; for a while on Friday I was wearing a bean bag frog on my head to get people (including me) used to the idea. I'm sure it created exactly the right impression.

I'm trying to live a slightly less mad life these days (i.e. now that summer is, basically, over) and as part of that I'm visiting booklectic once a week. My thought is that I could go over, make dinner, and have a visit, ensuring she's got company on dr_d's karate night and giving me a chance to hang out with someone I like (as with a new baby she's not exactly getting out a lot). This Thursday was my first go of that and it was really just very fun; it was fun to cook for a group again (dr_d was actually there this time and apparently will get home in time to eat leftovers, so I will make sure to cook for three regularly). I have not been motivated to do much in the kitchen these several months, and that plus the visit with my friend(s actually) made for a really good evening.

Friday was see Scott Pilgrim night and I really enjoyed it. I went with someone I mostly only know off of Twitter; at the end of the night (after the Japanese dinner where we discovered a shared, hearty enthusiasm for ELO's Time album), as we parted at the platform for the Northern Line, he asked, "So what is your real name, then?" It was perfect as I didn't know his, either. Ah, social networking, so much potential and yet frequently so limiting. At least it got me someone to go see a movie with Friday and we did really have a good time.

Today was supposed to be Spend The Day With wechsler day, but he decided to bail on Accomplice in favor of chill-out time. This means I saw it with someone I didn't know well, but she and I had a great time (review here). I liked the whole run-around-outside-treasure-hunt-mystery thing, and liked even more that it was set on the South Bank, which I visit a lot; each spot we stopped at will be a little special to me now.

Actually a funny thing is that we crossed places I'd been earlier in the day with W, first the Rabat Cocoa Estate shop (where we got caffeinated beverages and I was plied with chocolate numerous times while waiting for said beverages, you can bet I'll be back), then the Southwark Cathedral where we'd sat and ate our lunch after buying the ingredients for dinner. Returning there after we split up gave the day a somewhat circular kind of feeling. At any rate, when the show wrapped up, I headed home and gave a go to a recipe I'd seen in the New York Times two years back: Pisto Manchego, a veggie soup made of yellow and green summer squash (zukes/courgettes, I used pattypan squash), tomatoes, garlic and eggs (simmered in the sauce right before serving, you could skip them if you want and make it vegan). It was fab and just perfect with the solid whole-wheat bread W'd picked up at the market. It's hours later and I'm still full, too. Time possibly to move onto the new Sookie Stackhouse book booklectic lent me: hard to believe I've had it for two whole days and not finished it already!
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