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I know this sounds crazy but mice are gnawing my underwear.

I found a pair near the hamper that had a hole in them two days back. When I say hole, I mean tangerine sized. It was totally abnormal. I thought maybe they'd had some kind of massive structural failure due to Not Being My Regular Brand. And I threw them out.

Then I found another pair with that problem.

Then I found the pair I'd put on this morning (while half awake) also had this problem.

Normally when underwear dies, it goes thin, then frays, then gets tiny holes. I've never seen anything like this.

I'd done a massive washing after my trip to Dubrovnik and hung it up in the living room to dry (this is normal for English people: we don't have many dryers over here). I just looked at them: five pairs of underwear destroyed.

I don't know if the new laundry soap I bought has just made everything extra tasty to rodents, but I do know this: that mousetrap is coming next week and I am eager to see it. And I need to do some shopping.
Tags: death to the rodents
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