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Sunday in London (review of Passion at the Donmar)

Sunday was busy, too busy.

First I had to clean the house. This is because I am renting out a room for a very short time to someone who's in London to do a bit of postdoc work at UCL. So the guest room needed to be cleaner and the glasses from Saturday night's party needed some attention.

Then it was rush to Trafalgar Square to meet shadowdaddy for the fakes exhibit at the National Museum of Art. It was the last day of the show so obviously I'd waited a bit long for this and because I was late, I actually had to skip the last room.

Then I ducked around the corner to meet djm and Amy at the National Portrait Gallery to see "Darling of the Day," the most recent installation of Lost Musicals. I'll write it up soon; suffice it to say I had a great time and liked it much better than the Sondheim I'd seen Friday night.

I was supposed to meet someone for drinks afterwards, but as I was leaving I got a text from them canceling (bah) as they were called into work. So Amy and I continued on to Angel where she was having her birthday drinks, and I had most of a pint of cider in her honor.

At this point said tenant was supposed to be meeting shadowdaddy and being led to the flat, but his plane had been delayed, so I headed back to Tooting and J and I had some dinner at Chatkhara. Then (as I was falling asleep), J continued to wait for him, while I went home to write up my review of Passion at the Donmar. Apparently, some people think it's the Sondheim it's okay to hate; I didn't need permission, though.

And at about 9:30 "Simone" showed up. He'll be here for two weeks. He dropped off his bags, hopped on his bike, and headed back to the Southbank to watch the fireworks. He's kind of hard core. I hope he enjoys his stay.
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