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Week so far

Erk. So I have a tenant staying here for 2 weeks - he's a post doc studying at UCL.

Last night (after working from home, managed to squeeze in my Darling of the Day review before I left), I headed into town to shadowdaddy's birthday party. Saw a few people I knew but oddly kinda didn't feel like it was ... well, like I wasn't really supposed to be there. Which was all good enough as I'd planned to go to the Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, and I did, and it was funny but still got me home before too late.

Today was a rather spiritless day at work. We had a meeting about the reorg; people will lose their jobs (we're "profitable" but have "negative cash flow" due as near as I can tell to our pensions being a mess), but we won't know whom until the end of the year. Bah. Later, they announced we're on track to get a raise; looks like it will be below inflation. Woo. Better than nothing; thank God the union is raising a stink. Motivation at work was LOW today, I tell you.

Tonight was better: wechsler and I went to the Queen Elizabeth Hall and saw a performance of Brian Eno's "Apollo" music, performed to movies of a space mission (not sure which one). It was all kinda sad making; everything looked so very old, and the optimism the images once inspired now seems as old as the movies, like we've given up on all of that "Let's build a rocket and go to the moon and discover neat stuff!" and are now just obsessed with finding better ways to kill people. *sigh*

Tomorrow I'll spend learning about software testing. It will be a nice break from work. And thanks to the tenant I'm not totally broke this month. I shall have to look at finding one of these more frequently; but I think the people on Craigslist looking for a home away from home so they can take their tricks somewhere are not really the kind of tenants I'm looking for at present.
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