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Am I back in this work game? Reviews: Fantastic Mr Fox, Pleasure's Progress

My boss came back from a two week vacation on Tuesday, and yesterday suddenly I felt like I was back in the game, like enough things that I'd spent the summer trying to get to take root were now bearing fruit. My request for money to fund a project to get a diverse group of companies providing our testing services went through; the project to get new automation that will speed up the regression testing of our point of sale software by a factor of 20 now has the new boss's boss (replacement for the Silver Fox, no nickname yet) wanting to be its executive sponsor (she volunteered!). And I did a presentation to the VP of Marketing (a followup form last year's) where I showed what I had done to start using automation in our organization that went over fantastically (I got softball questions like, "So tell me, how can we use this more?" and "Isn't it true that if we use this more we can actually release things sooner?"); afterwards he said my presentation was the Jazz Singer of powerpoints as it had this nice embedded movie showing Quick Test Pro doing its thing. Woo woo, go me. Actually, go me as in I should get off the couch and go to work about now so I'm not late.

It's also been a mad week for shows. I made it to Faust Tuesday night with booklectic (so yay!) and a guy I met off of Twitter who got us upgraded to dress circle seats, SO COOL. Sadly I haven't had time to review that yet (in short: too long), but I did get The Fantastic Mr Fox puppet show cranked out yesterday and then last night was aggravated enough by the dance/opera piece Pleasure's Progress that I wrote it up on my phone on the Tube ride home. And with that, really, I must get going for work.
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